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App Controlled Robots

Course Overview

Arduino has provided thousands of inventors, hobbyists, engineers and students an open-source electronics platform to develop projects from everyday solutions to robotics. This course has been carefully designed to provide anyone with the know-how to start developing their own projects using Arduino boards and its accessories, and expose them to its vast potential and capability. This course is aimed at helping students take the first step in their journey through robotics.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Block Programming for Arduino
  • If/Else statements and Loops
  • Digital Sensors

Day 2

  • Introduction to the concept of Analog and Digital
  • Actuators integration i.e. Motors, Encoders etc.

Day 3

  • Analog Sensors Integration
  • Obstacle avoidance using Ultrasonic Sensor


Day 4

  • Introduction to App Inventor
  • Android Application Building

Day 5

  • GUI of android app
  • Data Transmission using Bluetooth Module
  • Android Application Controlled Robot