Juniors Level 1 – Robominors

Juniors Level 1

Course Overview

Our young engineers will be introduced to robotics & coding with LEGO EDUCATION KITS! They will also perform exciting DIY projects to ignite a passion for science.

Day 1


Students will learn the concept of moon rovers. 

Day 2

Speed Car

Students will understand speed, self-driving cars and IR sensors.

Day 3

Power Car

Students will learn the concept of gears, power and distance.


Day 4

Coke & Mentos , Catapult

Students will learn about geyser reactions, force and potential energy.

Day 5

Day and Night

Students will learn about rotation of earth and moon around the sun.

Day 6

Robust Structures

Students will get an understanding of disasters and how to avoid them.

Day 7

Wildlife Crossing

Students will design a LEGO prototype to allow an endangered animal species to safely cross a road or other hazardous area.

Day 8

Flood gate and Presentations

Students will learn about flood, will do some research and give a presentation on their favorite topic.