LEGO Wheelers – Robominors

LEGO Wheelers

Course Overview

The fandom of fast moving cars never dies out! So, if your child is fascinated by self-driven cars, is inquisitive about speed and velocity and is curious about force and friction, then this theme will be the best to answer all his/her queries. This theme is designed for young minds to explore and improve their creativity and analytical skills.

Day 1

Speed Car

Students will get on the racing track to learn robotics. They will focus on speed and velocity. Concept of sensors will also be given to them by making them work with IR sensor.

Day 2

Snow Plough

Students will learn about vehicles that are used to clear roads after natural disasters. They will build a model of snow plough that is used to remove snow from roads after a snow blizzard.

Day 3


Kids will build a dragster and explore the scientific concepts of gears, levers, wheels, energy, friction and measuring distances.

Day 4

Land Yacht

 Students will explore sail shape, area and angle to the wind needed for a wind powered vehicle to effectively capture wind energy.

Day 5

Robo Wars

On the last day, students will build and program their own robots. Different competitions will be held among students to see whose robot is the fastest and robust.