Coding Einsteins – I (1 to 1 Session) – Robominors

Coding Einsteins – I (1 to 1 Session)

Students will build animations, stories, musical instruments and games using drag, drop and combine operations on code blocks (graphical programming). Students will achieve this via Scratch – world’s most effective learning tool for kids, designed and developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It’s the programming equivalent of LEGO and allows children to learn fundamental coding concepts in the most fun-filled environment possible and without the requirement of a text-based editor.

With an experience mentor on the other side to guide them all the way through, we have developed the most fun-filled setting for the young Einsteins to enjoy and learn! This course will give kids a head-start in life by empowering them with coding skills and hence making them great problem solvers and design-thinkers!


7 – 10 years


4 weeks


2 sessions / week

Group Size

5 Students

Course Outline

  • Introduction to coding
  • Learning fundamentals of coding using flow charts
  • Getting started with MIT scratch
  • Using loops and control blocks to make animations
  • Using coding to narrate fun and interactive stories


Available Sessions

Time USD 330
USD 220
Custom On demand


Video: Scratch 3.0 is here for the little Einsteins!

Video: Why everybody should learn how to code?