Python coding with Microbit – Robominors

Python coding with Microbit

Course Overview

In this course students will explore Python programming using the BBC MicroBit : a credit-card sized computer with built-in sensors and wireless communication.

Students will learn about concepts of programming and will make fun projects using internal/external sensors and actuators.

Week 1 - 2

  • Introduction to Micro:bit
  • Introduction to programming languages and Python
  • Displaying images
  • Taking input from buttons
  • If/else conditions
  • While and forever loops
  • Concept of different datatypes

Week 3

  • Creating custom images by changing pixels and x,y co-ordinates
  • Concept of arrays/lists
  • Using random library
  • Displaying random objects from any arrays

Week 4

  • Usage of different gestures like shake, tilt, face up etc.
  • Task to make a dice using gestures, if, else , while loops and random numbers
  • Rock, paper, scissors game which involves all the concepts covered in this course

Week 5 - 6

  • Radio connection between multiple Micro:bits
  • Temperature sensor
  • Compass using Accelerometer
  • Wiring using Breadboard
  • Light based LDR sensor
  • Concept of digital and analog

Week 7 - 8

  • Concept of actuators and sensors
  • Servo Motor control using sensors
  • Challenge Project
  • Project Presentation