Robo-Tech – Robominors


Course Overview

The aim of this course is to introduce kids to the wonders of robots in everyday life in which they will create, program and test autonomous robots like prosthetic robotic arm, spy robot, line follower robot and smart bus.

Day 1

Robotic Arm

Kids will explore how prosthetic designs help people with disabilities by creating a LEGO robotic arm.

Day 2


Kids will build a spy robot that can detect and send information about its surroundings.

Day 3

Line Follower Robot

Line follower is an autonomous robot which follows either black line in white area or white line in black area. Students will build a robot that can detect a particular line and keep following it.

Day 4

Smart Bus

The need for a real-time public transport information system is growing steadily. People want to plan their city commutes and do not like waiting for long hours, nor take a long route to reach their destination. Kids are going to build and program a driver less bus that can plan its routes smartly.

Day 5


On the last day, students will give a presentation on their favorite robot from all the robots they have built in this course or on any other latest technology. They will make colorful posters about their projects.